I  A M  N I C K  R A S M U S S E N .
As an artist, my aspiration is to build memories that will astonish both viewers and clients, capturing moments while simultaneously creating stories.  Both memories and stories play into the reason I create and the images that come as a result of this creativity.  Through high quality fine art photography, I portray the raw, intimate moments of life as I discover different parts of this expansive world.  the way I develop and alter each distinct image is different, and is over half of my entire process of creating a work of art.  I am constantly inspired by film and documentary photographers around the world who bring stories to life, Inspiring me to build new stories.  
Stories and moments can sometimes become lost, even forgotten.  This being said, I never want to let a moment pass by.  I create lasting images for myself and my clients and love spending my life creating meaningful art.